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An Acinetobacter baumannii zinc regulated peptidase maintains cell wall integrity during immune-mediated nutrient sequestration

Acinetobacter baumannii is an important nosocomial pathogen capable of causing wound infections, pneumonia, and bacteremia. During infection, A. baumannii must acquire Zn to survive and colonize the host. Vertebrates have evolved mechanisms to sequester Zn from invading pathogens by a process termed nutritional immunity. One of the most upregulated genes during Zn starvation encodes a putative cell wall-modifying enzyme which we named ZrlA. We found that inactivation of zrlA diminished growth of A. baumannii during Zn starvation. Additionally, this mutant strain displays increased cell envelope permeability, decreased membrane barrier function, and aberrant peptidoglycan muropeptide abundances. This altered envelope increases antibiotic efficacy both in vitro and in an animal model of A. baumannii pneumonia. These results establish ZrlA as a crucial link between nutrient metal uptake and cell envelope homeostasis during A. baumannii pathogenesis that may be targeted for therapeutic development.

Cell Reports

We would be interested in submissions for the journal cover image. Please refer to our guide to creating and submitting cover images: Cover images are chosen well in advance of publication, so all candidate images should be submitted as soon as possible. Our Production department will notify you within three weeks if your submission has been selected. If you need more time to work on the image or have any questions, please contact Nick Perry, Copyeditor, who can inform you of the deadline for cover candidate submission.

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