Class activity – 2/7/2019 – First set of laboratory visits

What a great first set of lab tours!  As part of the iSeminar, we are touring laboratories to understand the process of science. We will be visiting four lab tours in total, all of whom produce top-tier scientific work.

The goal of these tours is three-fold:

  • To have you see where the science occurs
  • To have you interact with scientists on a more human-level and discuss the importance of science communication (as well as approaches to communication)
  • To understand all the work that occurs behind building new scientific knowledge.

This week we visited the laboratories of Dr. Eric Skaar lab and Dr. Alyssa Hasty. First, we stopped by the Skaar lab where we had a post-doctoral fellow describe creating graphical abstracts. Here is the graphical abstract guide from the journal Cell. These are becoming more popular and necessary for science communication. Next, we saw posters, one of the main graphical approaches used to communicate science. Finally, we were able to look at some specimens under a microscope.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, we walked over the Hasty laboratory where she described her research explore inflammation within adipose, or fat cells. She discussed the worldwide obesity epidemic and how it relates to all aspects of medicine. She also pointed out the importance of imaging and visuals to better understand the science itself through 3D reconstruction.


The class holding various visual tools in the Hasty lab including 1lb of fat, microscopy images of fat cells, and a schematic.


Did I miss anything? Comment below.

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